7373 Franklin Road in Roanoke Virginia


Aspen Grove provides a unique recreational-style lodging experience for your dog - we are completely cage and crate free!

We designed our facility with our own dogs in mind; every aspect has been carefully constructed to allow for their happiness, safety, and comfort. We are professionals - our full-time staff is certified by the American Boarding Kennel Association as Pet Care Technicians. We are hands-on and take time to get to know each dog entrusted to our care. Since opening our facility, we have had the wonderful pleasure of assisting numerous dogs in building their self-confidence by interacting with other dogs, new people, and unfamiliar surroundings.

Dogs are social animals and enjoy the companionship of other dogs. They want routine and are most comfortable when they know what to expect... “What’s happening next...” At Aspen Grove, we make sure to lessen the stress of our guests by keeping to a daily schedule. When staying with us guests have the opportunity to socialize in our recreation area where we provide a variety of toys and games including tetherball, soccer, Frisbee, and “water sports”. Playtimes are held twice a day and last as long as needed to tire out the pups. Unless an owner requests individual play for health reasons, the only dogs excluded from group recreation are those with aggressive temperaments, intact males, and unaltered females.

We don't support the concept of all-day freedom for our guests. Too much stimulation without appropriate down time leads to increased anxiety, stress, and aggression. That said, at times some of our guests will share a suite so they can have extra playtime and added company.

We operate by reservation only and suggest booking as soon as you know your desired dates.